Main Bread & Butter Company

About Main Bread & Butter Company

Main Bread and Butter Company was started in 1997 by two brothers, Chris and Robert Goertzen.

Local food products were quickly becoming difficult to find in Steinbach due to the rapid changes in the local grocery market and they set out to provide these products for the Steinbach area.

The business has since developed into a busy meeting place for people to pick up their local products as well as unique food items from around the world. Known for its fresh breads, cheese and deli meats, Main Bread and Butter also has become a popular lunch spot where you can pick up a soup and a sandwich which are made right in the store everyday.

Located at 253 Main Street in Steinbach, Main Bread & Butter strives for great service. This shows through in the friendly atmosphere of their location as well as the smiles that greet you from their employees.

The deli meat at Main Bread & Butter is always fresh and is a great part of the sandwiches I make for my family.